Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kim Burton and NASCAR Race Mom Meet At PIR

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This spring, Kim Burton, wife of NASCAR driver Jeff Burton, is partnering with Libby's Vegetables to encourage moms to connect with each other and share their winning solutions for getting back to the dinner table during these economic times. Ms. Burton was on-site at the Libby's Get Back to the Table tent at Dallas/ Ft. Worth, and Phoenix. She is also schedule to be on hand at Charlotte and Dover, to share her winning solutions and connecting with fellow moms.

NRM was able to meet with Ms. Burton at the Phoenix Race. The weather was warm and sunny; the conversation flowed:

1- Question – NASCAR Race Mom: Please tell my readers how you became involved in the Libby's Vegetables To Celebrate Victory At The Dinner Table campaign?

Kim Burton - Libby's vegetables actually contacted me as someone whom they felt could represent their companies' feelings regarding family values and their "back to the table" campaign. After I was informed of the message that the company was promoting, I decided to become involved. Jeff and I place a high priority on our family life and this was a way for me to re-ignite people and highlight the importance of family dinners.

2- Question – It has been said that the NASCAR race community is truly like a close knit family. Just like any family there are good times and bad times. As a NASCAR Wife how has your experience in this area been?

Kim Burton - Our driver's, crew's and their families are like a big family. Certainly, there are times when people within the sport disagree. There have been times when I have not agreed with things that others have said or done, but for the most part, I have found that nascar folks are warm, caring people who would help you at any time. In times when things aren't going well professionally, you can always count on your close friends to pick you back up and certainly, Jeff and I have been on both the giving and receiving end of that kind of caring.

3 - Question – I know you sit on the Pit Box next to your husband's Crew Chief during his races. What are you thinking about while Jeff is on the track?

Kim Burton - My thoughts are varied during the races. I am always following his progress and the decisions and changes being made during the race. I follow the race strategy and constantly worry that the outcome of those decisions will be good . Each lap brings different circumstances so, my emotions change constantly. I can go from being completely excited about Jeff and his chances for a great run to being completely concerned that he will be involved in an accident. I always base my thoughts and emotions on the tone of Jeff's voice as well as the spotter's information about what is happening on the track.

4 - Question – Has either Paige or Harrison shown in interest in following in their father's footsteps?

Kim Burton - Paige is completely immersed in her equestrian pursuits. She wants to become a grand prix rider one day. Harrison is currently competing in national quarter midget events and locally at Bobby Labonte's quarter midget track in Salisbury, NC. (quarter midgets are quarter scale race cars similar to sprint cars) He loves to race and loves to compete. But, he also loves to play basketball, to ride skate boards and participate in many other sports. He loves to race right now, but he is only 8 years old and who knows where his interests will lie later. We will have to stay tuned to see what he will decide to pursue.

5 - Question – What the best tip you would tell a driver like my son Moses Smith, who is competing in the NASCAR Development Series?

Kim Burton - The best tip I could give to your son Moses would be to try to enjoy his time as a kid and racing. We try to make sure that Harrison understands that we expect him to learn and progress and to take his racing seriously, but we also give him the choice, always, as to whether he wants to compete. I think that some parents (not only racing parents, but parents of children in any other sport) put so much pressure on their kids to succeed that they forget that the whole purpose of kids sports is for kids and families to enjoy activities together. Childhood should be fun and so, Jeff and I try very hard to maintain a balance within what we ask of our kids. We want them to learn to take responsibility and to work with a team, but we also want them to look back on their childhood and remember the fun we had together as a family and the enjoyment they received from participating in their activities.

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