Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hectic But Fun December

NASCAR Race Mom (NRM) has had a hectic December. I just returned from Las Vegas after covering the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards Ceremony! Tomorrow we are flying to Charlotte, NC for the 2011 NASCAR Night of Champions Touring Awards Gala, to be held on December 10th in the NASCAR Hall of Fame’s Crown Ballroom in Charlotte, N.C.

NRM has gathered a plethora of information to post on this blog; however time has run out. Therefore, allow me to post a couple of photos as a trailer to the stories that are to come.

The photo on the left is of me (thanks to Sprint) – Getting ready to enter the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards Ceremony!

I was a guest of Crown Royal in Las Vegas and on Saturday, we were allowed exclusive access to the “Race Matt” promotion. I was both scared and excited as I participated as a driver in the the Richard Petty Driving Experience.


Unknown said...

Bet you had a GREAT time!

NASCAR Race Mom said...

Thanks Limey59. I had an awesome time!