Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last minute Christmas Gift
Crown Royal XR – Extra Rare

Have you heard the story behind a bottle of Crown Royal XR? Don’t feel bad if you have never heard of it. I only learned about Crown Royal XR in April of 2011.

Crown Royal XR (Extra Rare) is a limited-edition blend is made from the last remaining batch of whisky distilled at the Waterloo distillery. The loss of the Waterloo distillery, in part to a devastating fire, has long been lamented by Canadian whisky enthusiasts. Therefore, the front label on those bottles of Crown Royal XR destined for the USA makes it very clear that this is definitely the last of the Waterloo whisky.

I heard that the last barrels of Waterloo whisky were filled in November 1992, making the whisky about 14 years old at the time the first bottling of XR was made. Additional batches have since been blended to meet demand.

The man responsible for developing the exceptional taste of Crown Royal XR is Master Blender, Andrew MacKay. Working with the rarest whiskies from the legendary Waterloo distillery, he set out with passion and perseverance to create nothing short of the finest whisky ever made. With rare, extra-aged ryes and bourbons, it offers a full-bodied bouquet with a creamy, rounded finish.

(Friends, Barb & Clet enjoying the last of the Crown Royal XR)

However, only a few barrels of Waterloo whisky still remain and the stocks are dwindling. I fell in love with Crown Royal XR. After hunting high and low in my hometown of Escondido, I found a bottle at the Holiday Wine Cellar. When I brought it home, I was eager to share my whiskey treasure with my friends. At my savoring party, everyone was impressed! Words like smooth and distinguished were bounced back and forth around the tasters.

For now, Crown Royal XR is still available from a limited number of retailers. However, be warned – it is not inexpensive (I paid $160.00 for my bottle) However, more than just history in a bottle, it represents one of the finest expressions of the blenders’ art and would make an excellent last minute Christmas Gift for that someone who is just as extra rare!

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