Friday, December 9, 2011

NASCAR Hall of Fame

We just got back from the NASCAR Hall of Fame. It was nice. All the fans appeared to be really blissful and in awe! For us, people who are at the track and in the “pits” approximately fifteen weekends per year, the exhibits were nice but not awe inspiring. However, this is a museum well worth the visit, very hands on, and entertaining.

From their website:

Experience the Hall

If you’re looking for some pedal-to-the-metal fun, look no further than the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The Hall is fueled with more than 50 interactive experiences like tire-changing stations, realistic race simulators, a broadcast booth and even a Kids Zone where children can be wide open. We guarantee to get your adrenaline racing. And after you work up an appetite, grab a bite to eat at the Pit Stop Café or a souvenir to help remember it all at the NASCAR Hall of Fame Gear Shop. You’ll find it all at the Hall.


  1. The Hall Of Fame photo package; it was kind of pricey.
  2. Having to pay $5.00 extra to participate in the iRacing Simulation (Gives NASCAR Hall of Fame Guests Authentic Driving Experience)
  3. No winner in the M&M Most Colorful Fan Display – I missed that contest this year.
  4. No “Most Popular Driver” exhibit (I might be a tad bias here)

Really Cool:

  1. It was really cool seeing the # 26 Gene Price Motorsports Ford - - - prominently displayed at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
  2. It was really cool finding two bricks, which were bought by a fan of my son Moses Smith, in the walkway leading up to the NASCAR Hall of Fame front door.
  3. The banking exhibit – very interactive and informative.
  4. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff
When you visit Charlotte – be sure to spend some time at the NASCAR Hall of Fame – There is lots of things to see and enjoy.


Great Hall
Our most temporary display area, we will change the content out twice a year. The exhibits will feature cars and artifacts. Also features our NASCAR Hall of Fame Showdown where guests compete against each other by testing their NASCAR knowledge in a trivia race to the finish line.

Glory Road
Features the evolution of the Stock Car, from 1947-today. Is a great way to see how much technology has changed in 60 years. Also discusses the various tracks, past and present, that the cars raced on, including their banking. Students walk up onto parts of the banking at 14 and 33 degrees.

Race Week
Thousands of decisions are made every week when developing, testing, and racing a car. Here guests can see how teams determine if parts are reusable, learn about how lessons from previous races play a critical role in setting up the car for the next race. Get a hands on feel for what NASCAR tests and to keep the competition fair and safe. Get a chance to test your descriptive oral skills by being a broadcaster. Guests can race for free in our Qualifying area, or get a more immersive experience in the simulators (see group sales manager for costs and details).

Heritage Speedway
See NASCAR artifacts and learn about how the competition, technology, and safety have changed. Explore computer based interactives to learn about how stats are kept, and how lessons learned from crashes lead to safer cars and tracks. Change a car’s shape to learn about aerodynamic advantage.

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