Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dale Beatty - Crown Royal Finalist

Crown Royal "Your Hero's Name Here 400"

Dale Beatty, 34, of Statesville, N.C., was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Freedom Iraq in 2004 and was involved in an anti-tank mine explosion that left him a double amputee. 

After returning home, Beatty became the general contractor of a barrier free home for him and his family. The building of his home inspired he and his "battle buddy" John Gallina to establish the nonprofit Purple Heart Homes, Inc., which builds and alters homes to fit specific housing needs of veterans. 

He has received numerous awards including the Purple Heart, Carolinas Freedom Foundation award, and the Hope & Courage award, and he and Gallina were featured on a 2011 cover of TIME magazine. 

Beatty has always been a NASCAR fan and is looking forward to taking his wife Belinda, who is currently expecting their third child, to the Brickyard this summer.

Remember Voting begins on May 21st on the Crown Royal Facebook site.

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