Sunday, September 15, 2013

Great Free Music and Enter to Win an iPad Mini

New: Linda B. is a 2nd place winner of this campaign and will receive a "WallTones iTunes pack w/unreleased track and exclusive pdf booklet.  Thank you again for participating in our giveaway!

I must confess that NASCAR Race Mom is not a huge music fan. In fact it has been a while since NRM has gotten really enthusiastic about a new group. However, take a listen to Huck Walton & The WallTones’ music FREE online and you will join in the delight.

The Band:

Huck Walton is the only offspring of Broadway star Ann Morrison and spent his childhood filled with professional acting, singing and dancing. As he entered college, he focused on writing and performing his own music and after a couple of years of traveling on tour in a guitar duo, Walton moved to L.A. with aspirations of forming a band.

Huck was introduced to Ann Seidler, (Music Director, Keyboardist and best friend) three years ago. Together they began to organically develop the sound of the band with a number of other musicians.

The act started to take shape a year in when bassist Mike Marigliano joined the group. Huck Walton & The WallTones became a band eight months ago when the sought after Anthony Sonetti took to the drums. It was then that Bruce Vanderveer picked up the WallTones and crafted the first of their singles.

The Giveaway:

Green Car Management, along with Sony/ATV, is releasing the band Huck Walton & The WallTones' debut iTunes singles. In celebration, they are launching a fun giveaway where one lucky reader is going to win an iPad Mini and a second reader is going to win the bands iTunes single pack and lifetime redemption code for 20% off all band products.

Enter the contest below via the "Sign Up" Link and be sure to list NASCAR Race Mom as the blog where you entered from! Each reader will receive one entry. All duplicates will be deleted.

To download a free single, simply click the “Pay with a Tweet Button” Below!

Remember, when Huck Walton and the WallTones become huge on the music scene – you heard it from NASCAR Race Mom first!

As a blogger, my integrity is one of the most valuable things NASCAR Race Mom owns. Therefore, reviews / posts will contain both positive and negative aspects as is appropriate. To put it in a simpler manner, this post is meant to help my readers (editorial) more than to help a brand (advertising). However, it should be noted that NASCAR Race Mom is working with Green Car Management, along with Sony/ATV, to promote the band Huck Walton & The WallTones' debut iTunes singles. 
1st prize is an iPad Mini (from all entries on all blogs hosting - 1 winner), 2nd is the "WallTones iTunes pack w/unreleased track and exclusive pdf booklet (1 winner from each blog host). Closing 09/24.


Anonymous said...

Hello Nascar Race Mom,

You are a sweetheart! Thank you for the kind words. You have quite a blog here!


Dawn said...

They sound great

Anonymous said...

NASCAR race mom

Jess F said...

Thanks Nascar Race Mom! That song is awesome. I'm Impressed with both the song and your blog.

jolucky1 said...

Thank you for the opportunity I love the picture as well. Nice sounding. Fingers crossed!

Fru Tyge said...

Really liked the song and love your Blog :D

Anonymous said...

NASCAR, THANK YOU OMA for sharing! I Love it. Song, Picture, your Blog and another Congrats to Your Beautiful new Gift! You Make My Day Better!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing !!!

Unknown said...

NASCAR Race Mom your the best !! love the song and the sweepstakes !