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John Wayne Walding-Crowning Heroes
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NASCAR Race Mom’s last weekend at the “Crown Royal Presents the John Wayne Walding 400 at the Brickyard Powered by” was astonishing.

John Wayne Walding Poses Next To An Official Race Vehicle #nascar #CrownHeroes #JWW400
John Wayne Walding Poses Next To An Official Race Vehicle

Going to a NASCAR Race is always special. Attending a NASCAR Sprint Cup race at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway is an extraordinary adventure. However, Crown Royal’s commitment to honoring our American Heroes makes this late July race most significant.

"The fact that Crown Royal cares enough to say 'thank you' for what I've done is a true validation for my sacrifice," John Wayne Walding, this year’s “Your Hero’s Name Here” Grand Prize winner confirmed. "The magnitude of those two words goes above and beyond."

Walding is a Green Beret who had previously served a tour in Iraq, lost the lower part of a leg after being shot by a sniper during a mission to capture a high-value target in the Shok Valley area of Afghanistan on April 6, 2008. He tied his severed leg to his thigh and continued to return fire for four hours before the Green Berets were rescued. Walding continues to gives back by running a company called Five Toes Custom, a rifle manufacturing company in Carrollton, Texas, which employs wounded veterans.

Country Western Star Justin Moore With The Five ‘Your Hero’s Name Here’ Finalists #nascar #CrownHeroes #JWW400
Country Western Star Justin Moore With The Five ‘Your Hero’s Name Here’ Finalists

Crown Royal received thousands of nominations for heroic men and women across the country in their “Your Hero’s Name Here” promotion. Joining Walding as this year's five finalists were James Bailey (Pamplin, Virginia); Bryce Boyer (Wanship, Utah); Tara Hulett (Albany, New York); and Tyler Whisenhunt (Gentry, Arkansas). Each finalist’s story are prime examples of different acts of bravery!

"The sacrifices that have been made by John Wayne Walding and countless heroes across the country serve as an inspiration to all of us at Crown Royal," said Abby Wise, Brand Director for Crown Royal.

Crown Hero
John Wayne Walding
NRM was honored to be one of the twelve bloggers selected to participate in this year’s ‘Capture the Crown’ event held over this “Super Weekend” at the Brickyard. The annual scavenger hunt is crafted to enhance our event understanding while providing fun and friendly competition.

NASCAR Race Mom was part of #TeamHailey! DJ, Victor, and Jeremy were my handsome teammates. While the goal of ‘Capture the Crown’ is to emerge the winner and earn a tour of the Crown Royal facility in Canada; NRM’s trip objective was to highlight the nuances of Crown Royal’s sponsorship of the Brickyard 400.

As we hustle and bustle through our everyday pursues, the majority do not take the time to reflect on that which is most important. Many do not recognize the significance of Crown Royal’s “Your Hero’s Name Here” contest. This yearly nationwide search for an everyday hero is an essential reminder of the abundance of patriotic men and women who are selflessly dedicated to the service of others!

Crown Royal has been honoring American Heroes with the naming rights to a NASCAR Sprint Cup race for the last eight years.* You cannot help but be positively influenced after reading the inspirational stories of the finalists.

The Brickyard 400 is one of the biggest races of the year for NASCAR. This year’s event was even more spectacular as Jeff Gordon, winner of the track’s first NASCAR race took the checkered flag at the two and a half mile oval for the fifth time, ending his ten-year drought at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

NASCAR Race Mom had the opportunity to shadow John Wayne Walding as he experienced the thrills of his first NASCAR Race between the scattered showers and storms. The heat and humidity did nothing to dampen spirits. However the loud drone of the track dryers did make conversation tad more challenging.  No talk was necessary to understand the fortitude of Walding as he waved the green flag.

“"I just want to say thanks and also remind everyone to thank and support our troops.” Walding commented. “For those troops coming home, I just want to tell everyone to get home and stay busy. Keep moving and keep finding things to do. For those that have been home, I just want to say thank you. Fighting for my country is the greatest and hardest thing I've ever done. I am so humbled by all of the support people have shown me and I am humbled by this whole experience. I'm just a country boy from Texas and this whole thing has been great."

So how did #TeamHailey fare? We won the first triva challenge which earned us a five minutes head start. We keep moving and finding the things we needed to get done - surviving the first challenge with a second place finish.

Regrettably, after the second trivia challenge, #TeamHailey had to start with a five minute deficit in the second round. We finished a close second which eliminated us from the final!

John Wayne Walding And Big Machine Records Founder Scott Borchetta
Present Race Winner Jeff Gordon With His Trophies.

However, even though the rain cut the 2014 Brickfest Music Fest  very short and sidelined the much anticipate pace-car ride, no one in attendance emerged a loser. The bloggers and race fans were treated to Jeff Gordon’s history making victory at the Brickyard.

Further, America was introduced to a young and unpretentious American Hero, who sacrificed much yet continues on giving – John Wayne Walding. Thank You Crown Royal and Big Machine Records for reminding us all what is truly important.

Remember To Please Drink Responsibly. #ReignOn #CrownHeroes #JWW400

Remember To Please Drink Responsibly.

#ReignOn #CrownHeroes #JWW400

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