Sunday, December 4, 2016

Rain Delays the Start of the Snowball Derby

Rain Delays the Start of the Snow Ball Derby Update 4:20 PST - The Derby will go green at 5 p.m. central time tomorrow afternoon. It will be run as a ‘controlled caution’ race so teams will not have to worry about live pit stops – helping teams who hired over the wall guys and do not wish to pay them for a second day. 

The gates will open at noon. will continue to provide their great coverage on Monday as well. 

Update 3:53 PST - A vote has been taken and today's race has officially been postponed until Monday.

Update 2:40 PST - Jet Dryers are working to make the track the best for tonight's show, and they are almost all the way through with Technical Inspection! The track is shooting for a Green Flag for the 49th Annual Snowball Derby around 5:00PM - 5:30PM .  #SnowballDerby

49th Snowball Derby Red Flagged By Weather.

Rain Delays the Start of the Snowball Derby
Heavy rain showers soaked the track this morning delaying the Snowball Derby. However, Pensicola, Florida is now experiencing the sporadic appearance of blue skies.

The race promoter has borrowed a jet dryer from Darlington Raceway. It will take approximately an hour or so to get the half-mile oval dry enough to race after the rain stops. Having learned from this same ‘rain soaked track’ situation a few years back, Five Flags Speedway has also placed in new drainage in turns one, two, three, and four. They are hopeful of getting the 300 Lap race in today.

Who remembers the 2009 Snowball Derby Flood when we still raced! No worries fans this is Derby! #SnowballDerby
Posted by 5 Flags Speedway on Sunday, 4 December 2016

For detailed updates for the rest of the day, click on for their Trackside Now coverage.

Starting Line-Up

1 9B William Byron
2 91 Ty Majeski
3 29 Spencer Davis
4 26 Bubba Pollard
5 4 Kyle Plott
6 51 Christopher Bell
7 5G Noah Gragson
8 7 Casey Roderick
9 7 Corey LaJoie
10 97 Cole Anderson
11 3 Kaz Grala
12 15 Christian Eckes
13 9C Jeff Choquette
14 14 Chris Davidson
15 67 Clay Jones
16 16 Brandon McReynolds
17 12 Harrison Burton
18 43T Derek Thorn
19 5 Jerry Artuso
20 8 John Hunter Nemechek
21 98 Daniel Hemric
22 42 Chad Finley
23 2W Donnie Wilson
24 83 Scotty Ellis
25 77 Zane Smith
26 26S Chandler Smith
27 99 Casey Smith
28 82 Grant Enfinger
29 112 Augie Grill
30 1 Derek Scott, Jr.
31 51N Stephen Nasse
32 55 Dalton Sargeant
33 99L Raphael Lessard
34 9K Derek Kraus
35 14C Connor Okrzesik
36 11 David Rogers

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