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Matt Kenseth's Thoughts After His Last Race for JGR

Matt Kenseth's Thoughts After His Last Race for JGR

Kenseth Drives Off With Top-10 Finish At Homestead

Matt Kenseth's Thoughts After His Last Race for JGR #NASCAR

Fresh off a victory at Phoenix, Matt Kenseth and his No. 20 team entered the weekend at Homestead with a throwback paint scheme aboard their DEWALT Toyota that paid homage to Kenseth’s rookie season in the series. The special paint scheme also featured Habitat for Humanity and ways that fans could help with hurricane recovery efforts. 

After eighteen consecutive seasons in Cup and losing his ride at Joe Gibbs Racing, it would appear that Kenseth will be taking a break from NASCAR’s premier series after this race . . . perhaps permanently.

 Below are his post race thoughts.

What was it like turning those final laps in the 20 car?

Matt Kenseth's Thoughts After His Last Race for JGR #NASCAR“I didn’t think about much the last 20 laps except for trying to get by the 2 (Brad Keselowski) car to be honest totally honest with you. Obviously last week was a magical week or race – to win that race and then this week has been really fun. The pre-race stuff was really fun. I was glad Katie (Kenseth, wife) was able to get down here and all and having the kids here, my dad, my sister and everybody. It was really fun obviously what DeWalt did with this paint job and Habitat for Humanity, but doing my rookie paint job was cool as well. So it was a really cool day, but once you start the engine, really didn’t think about anything to be honest with you, except for trying to go out and perform the best you can and trying to win that race.”

What do you want your legacy to be on this sport?

Matt Kenseth's Thoughts After His Last Race for JGR #NASCAR“I always answer this wrong. You know, I don’t know. I think at the end of the day, people make up their minds. You know, some people are going to like you, some people aren’t. Some people are going to respect you, some people won’t. So I mean, whatever people think, they think. I did the best I could every week. Didn’t always do the right thing, that’s for sure, but raced as hard as I could and at the time I always felt like I was trying to do the right thing and gave it my all every time I went to the race track, so that’s all I could do.”

What will you miss the most about racing?

“Man, I don’t know. I guess the fans. You know, you hear them yelling right now and last week was really really neat when I was doing that backwards victory lap, the Polish victory lap like (Alan) Kulwicki did at Phoenix ironically. You could hear the fans screaming through the window and just all the respect that they’ve shown me the last couple weeks has been really really humbling, so probably, I’ll miss that the most.”

Matt Kenseth Race Summary 

Ford EcoBoost 400 Homestead-Miami Speedway

No. 20 DEWALT Hurricane Recovery Toyota Camry
  • Started: 4th • Finished: 8th • 267/267
  • 2,344 total points for the season;
  • 7th in the driver point standings

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Matt Kenseth's Thoughts After His Last Race for JGR #NASCAR

On a personal note, NASCAR Race Mom had the pleasure of working with Mr. Kenseth (click here) once back in 2011.  I found the man to be humble, kind, and very very helpful. #ThanksKenseth - I will miss you.

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