Wednesday, November 15, 2017

TechForce Announces New Roush Yates Engines’ Scholarships

TechForce Announces New Roush Yates Engines’ Scholarships

Eight will be awarded to CNC students at UTI’s NASCAR Tech

TechForce Announces New Roush Yates Engines’ Scholarships

TechForce Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on championing and aiding aspiring vehicle technicians, is administering a scholarship program established by Roush Yates Engines to support students enrolled in the CNC (computerized numerical control) Machining Technology program at Universal Technical Institute’s (UTI’s) NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, NC.

Of the eight $4,000 CNC Machining scholarships to be administered, four will be named after Roush Yates Engines’ co-founder Robert Yates, while the other four will be named after co-founder, Jack Roush. Awarding of the scholarships will start in the fourth quarter of this year with the remainder being awarded in 2018 and 2019.

“We are elated to administer these scholarships — first, for such an innovative company as Roush Yates Engines and second, for the specific need they address,” said TechForce CEO and Executive Director Jennifer Maher. 

TechForce Announces New Roush Yates Engines’ Scholarships

“Students will get the hands-on training a CNC machinist needs to create and engineer everything from aerospace parts and industrial applications to medical equipment and high-performance engine components.”

Doug Yates, president and CEO of Roush Yates Engines, pointed out the importance of the scholarships: “CNC machining is critical to the current and future success of Roush Yates Engines and manufacturing in the U.S. and beyond. By partnering with UTI we have created a platform for success in the CNC manufacturing industry.”

He continued, “The Roush Yates Engines’ scholarships support our belief in the next generation of CNC manufacturers. The future is bright and we are 100 percent dedicated to this dynamic industry.”

TechForce Announces New Roush Yates Engines’ Scholarships

Mary Ann Mauldwin, Roush Yates Engines’ Chief Operating Officer, said “The manufacturing industry has evolved, seeking highly skilled workers who have not been easy to identify nor hire, but are in great demand.”

To help solve that problem, she said, “We are committed to this partnership with UTI, which leverages each of our business’ strengths, because it provides the framework to ensure our industry has a pipeline of future CNC machining technicians with the skills and experience to fuel this growing segment of our business.”

“On behalf of UTI’s students, I want to thank the TechForce Foundation and Roush Yates Engines,” said Kim McWaters, president and CEO of UTI. “At UTI, we’re committed to student success, which is why we partnered with Roush Yates Engines to create the CNC Machining program. With these scholarships and the ongoing support of the Roush Yates Engines’ team, more students can access our training and the abundant career opportunities available for CNC machining technicians across multiple industries.”

Mauldwin summed up the importance of collaboration for the benefit of the students, “We want to invest in our collective future together.”

CNC students at NASCAR Tech can apply for the scholarships at 

TechForce Announces New Roush Yates Engines’ Scholarships

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