Wednesday, January 21, 2009

‘At The Track’ Coverage Begins at the 2008 Toyota All-Star Showdown – January 23 & 24

The 2009 Camping World Series West season is still months away. However, the NASCAR Race Mom will be launching its ‘At The Track’ coverage this weekend at the sixth edition of the Toyota All-Star Showdown. NRM plans on being at the track on both action filled race days. The ‘At The Track’ coverage will consist of frequent updates including track conditions, lap times, interviews, and photos.

However, the most innovative and exciting feature will be the opportunity for the reader to ask questions or present ideas that this writer will respond to as quickly as possible. Do you have a question you would like answered regarding the Showdown? Do you have a story idea? Simply leave your thoughts in the comment section below – and the NASCAR Race Mom will respond.

If you cannot be at the track yourself, the NASCAR Race Mom will be there for you.


Tony said...

That is an awesome idea! What a great way for fans to get answers on what they want to know. We know television coverage can only capture so much and this will be a great behind the scenes way for fans to know what is going on behind the wall.

Anonymous said...

Cool deal. It will be interesting to see how aggressive the guys will get that have to race their way in.

Hopefully they get enough track time to learn each other's driving style to avoid caution marathons.

Firecracker! said...

'z'! I love you for doing this! :) A fantastic idea! How exciting for us, that are not able to be at every race. 'Congrats' on the new and improved web page for Moses and a BIG "THANK YOU!!!" Now for a question...

I know Moses will have to qualify for a starting position...but isn't he already fully guaranteed a spot in the line-up, on the merit of his 2008 high point standing? (Isn't he one of the provisionals?)