Monday, January 26, 2009

Poll - Who do you think will win the Showdown?

The Poll – “Who do you think will win the Showdown?” will be archived tomorrow. NASCAR Race Mom was pleasantly surprised at the large number of votes it drew. As a relatively new blog, we were hopeful for at least fifty voters. The poll was answered by one hundred and six Camping World Series fans.

I must acknowledge my new friends from the website. Alan and Kate Claffie offer complete coverage of the NASCAR Camping World Series East. I sent them an email regarding the poll. They responded by announcing the poll on their site. Without that exposure, I believe my poll would not have had a third of the response it did. Thank you Alan and Kate!

The Claffies ventured over to my son’s hauler and introduced themselves on Saturday. Besides being friendly, as a successful and established site, they offered me valuable insight into the complications of running your own race series blog. I will treasure their friendship and undoubtedly bother them in the future with endless questions. Alan and Kate let’s get together for dinner at the next ‘East vs.West’ race on May 17, 2009 - Dinner is on us!

Now on to the poll: Eight-one percent (81%) of the voters were correct in selecting an East Series Driver as the winner of the sixth edition of the NASCAR Toyota All-Star Showdown. This was Matt Kobyluck’s second Showdown win. Not only is he an East Series Driver, Matt is the 2008 East Series Champion with four wins, nine top-five and twelve top-ten finishes in the thirteen race season. Congratulations to Mr. Kobyluck for a run from the back (23rd starting position) to a spectacular finish.

Four and a half percent (4.5%) of the voters picked a driver not from the East or West Series (the other category). Now I know many of these voters will probably maintain that they voted correctly by claiming Joey Logano the winner of the Showdown. This topic will be covered in more detail in a future post. However, if in doubt re-read the paragraph above.

Lastly, fourteen and a half percent (14.5%) of the voters went with a West Series Driver. While they were not correct in that aspect; out of the top-fifteen finishers, the West was well represented. Nine West Series Drivers finished in the top-fifteen: Jason Bowles - 3rd; Johnny Borneman - 4th; Mike David - 7th; Jim Inglebright - 9th; David Mayhew - 10th; Todd Souza -11th; Moses Smith - 12th; Jim Warn - 14th; and Jason Patison - 15th.

Matt Crafton – 5th and Ron Hornaday, Jr – 6th covered the Other category. The East Series Drivers in the top-fifteen finishers numbered four with the winner Matt Kobyluck; Trevor Bayne – 2nd; Marc Davis – 8th; and Peyton Sellers – 13th.

Thanks to all the readers who took the time to cast their vote. NASCAR Race Mom will definitely offer more polls in the near future.

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