Saturday, January 24, 2009

At The Track - Toyota All-Star Showdown (Irwindale, California)

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2009/01/24 @ Noon
GRRRRRRRRR- Still Raining Hard.

2009/01/24 @ 10:46 a.m.

Sunshine has made it's first appearance of the weekend -- albeit with considerable cloud cover. Practice for the Late Models is scheduled to go off at 11:15 a.m.

2009/01/24 @ 9:27 a.m.

Updated schedule: NASCAR is releasing Camping World Series qualifying tires and commence pre-qualifying inspection. The cars will be impounded in their qualifying groups on the back shoot entrance to the racing surface. Once rain stops and the track is dried, the cars will have an optional scuff session of up to five laps. They will be impounded in the infield, and Camping World Series qualifying will begin as soon as the track conditions permit.

2009/01/24 @ 9:00 a.m.

Update from a track source - It is still raining - really no activity to report. We should be leaving for the track in a half an hour.

2009/01/24 @ 8:00 a.m.

Public Information for Saturday, January 24 event activities:
  • Friday night’s races were canceled because of inclement weather and have been rescheduled for today (see schedule below)

  • Fans who purchased tickets for Friday’s races may reuse them for Saturday activities

  • Toyota dealer promotion tickets for January 23 can not be used for January 24 but may be used for Toyota Speedway’s opening night on March 21

  • Spectator gates open today at 2 p.m.

2009/01/24 @ 7:30 a.m.

Question from Tony:

Z are we going to see a race today?
Do you have an up dated schedule?


Answer from NASCAR Race Mom:

Well Tony, we are not at the track yet. However, we only live an hour and a half away from the Toyota Speedway. As I step outside, I see a cloudy sky; however, not that angry dark sky from yesterday. There is a lot of blue behind those clouds. I would venture a guess that the weather will clear up quickly.

The site states that it is 58 and cloudy at the track. Their 36 hour forecast states "Cloudy with a few showers. High 68F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 30%."

6:45 am - - - Registration Opens
6:45 am - - - NCWS Garage Opens
6:45 am - - - NWAAS-SLM Garage Opens
6:45 am - - - NWAAS-LM Garage Opens

11:15 am- - - NWAAS-SLM Qualifying (Impound)
12:30 pm- - - NCWS Qualifying (Impound)
1:50 pm - - - NWAAS-LM Qualifying (Impound)
3:25 pm - - - NCWS “Open” Race (50 Laps, 25 Miles)
4:00 pm - - - NWAAS-SLM Race (150, 75 Miles, Or 90 Mins)

5:45 pm 6:15 pm
NCWS Driver Autograph Session – Mandatory (Front Stretch)

5:45 pm 6:15 pm
NWAAS-LM Driver Autograph Session – Mandatory (Front Stretch)

6:35 pm - - - NWAAS-LM Driver Introductions Followed By
6:35 pm - - - NCWS Driver Introductions
7:00 pm - - - Speed Live On Air
7:12 pm - - - NWAAS-LM Race (75 Laps, 37.5 Miles, Or 40 Mins)
8:31 pm - - - NCWS Race (250 Laps, 125 Miles)

All Times Are Listed In Local / PST
Tentative, Subject To Change


Tony said...

Awesome Z that is great news I cant wait. Good luck To Moses and may all drivers have a safe and competitive day.

NASCAR Race Mom said...

You are welcome Tony - I will pass on your best wishes to Moses and the other drivers.

Firecracker! said...

Hi "z". :(

So do you know what happens if the rain doesn't stop?

Is the track availiable on Sunday...or what other options are availiable?

Hey, remember when they tried running a Nationwide race in the rain...up in Canada? :)

Firecracker! said...

How about a partial list w/times for now...inquiry minds and all...