Monday, January 26, 2009

‘At the Track’ coverage opposed to ‘On the Track’

Good morning to all. You may have notice a lack of post yesterday. I am armed with a overabundance of material to write about, but was just too exhausted after my two days of the sixth edition of the NASCAR Toyota All-Star Showdown. As most of you already know, that race was the launch of my ‘At The Track’ coverage. The excitement, travel and rain took its toll.

I feel the initiate was successful if not smooth. I was down for almost five hours Saturday due to an internet access issue. However, I believe I have solved that problem. Further, some of my readers thought that I would be doing a ‘lap by lap’ of the race. This is not the case for two reasons.

The first, my eight-year-old laptop is clunky and needs an alternative power source to operate properly. There just are not any power plugs in the stands where we watch the race. However, the RacingWest forum usually hosts a ‘Near Live’ during all the Camping World Series West races. I will monitor that site (among others) and should it become necessary, I will attempt to update everyone as to race results after the race. Unfortunately, that update might have to wait until I get back to my hotel. My reporting will be geared more to ‘At the Track’ coverage opposed to ‘On the Track’ coverage.

Secondly, since I have my attention pretty much glued to my son during his race, any attempt at a ‘Lap to Lap’ dialogue of the race on my part would probably be limited and bias at best. I will always be a mom first I fear.

Regrettably, I was not able to do the interviews I wanted at the track. I believe that the rain played the villain in that respect. I simply could not find anyone to talk to. They were all hiding from the rain in their haulers. Believe me when I tell you that I looked hard.

So this post is just to let you know that while I thoroughly enjoyed my debut of “At The Track’ coverage. I recognize the opportunity for improvement is huge. My promise to the readers is that my blog will improve with experience. Also, I invite you to leave me a comment with your thoughts as to what you want to see on the NASCAR Race Mom blog.


Firecracker! said...

Hi "z",
I thought you did just fine for your first 'At the Track'! Here is 'one' reader that would NEVER expect a 'lap by lap' from you. Oh, my gosh,.."NO WAY"!!
I (and surely many others) totally understand that you are there for watch him, and pretty much only him, during the race. If I were at a race, I would be the same way!! As it is, relying on SPEED,...or should I say, "being spoon fed by them,"...we have to watch what THEY think we should be looking at. You are so fortunate! Don't ever feel you need to divide your attention away from him!
Maybe, if anything, during a caution lap..if you have plenty of time...maybe just let us know what position he is in or if everything is looking good, or if he has come into contact with anyone. After all, if we are coming to THIS site, 'during' a race, we are obviously looking for reassurance that he is okay and doing well. :)

Meantime...I came here today mostly wondering if Moses had any comments he could share with us, of any 'memorable thoughts' going through his mind as he realized he was about to be 'caught up' in the "Big One"?? ... Well, any that can be published, that is. :) :) :)
Thanks again for you great efforts!


Moses said...

Well, I saw the wreck happening, and thought I was going to have enough time to stop, but I was hit from behind, Then from the side, but I was still hopeful, until I hit the 77 car, and saw my hood fold up covering half the windshield. Then I was thinking, “well this is no good”. All I could think then was getting to the pits before the red flag came out and the pits close. I was more bummed then, angry. The Hasa Pool Products car was running real well, and the team had worked so hard to get us there, I didn’t want it to end like that. But the guys got everything pointed forward again, and we were able to get back out there on the lead lap.