Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paul’s Day

Moses Smith and his father Paul

Father's Day is a day honoring fathers and celebrated on the third Sunday of June. This special day celebrates both fatherhood and the importance of male parenting. For my husband of almost thirty-five years, this day will be spent driving home from the Infineon race track. Paul will spilt his father’s day weekend by working on his son’s NASCAR Camping World Series West pit crew on Friday and Saturday; then spending the evening with his youngest son Zachariah on Sunday.

Moses inherited his father’s mechanical prowess and love for everything racing. Zachariah is a third generation plumber. When I started my career twenty-five years ago, my schedule demanded that I be away from home seven days at a time. Paul’s advance skill at parenting allowed me to excel and progress in my profession without worry or guilt. Moses was seven and Zack was five at the time.

"My earliest memories are of my dad working on his street/drag car or building his sand rail in the garage," Moses said. "He was always involved in motorsports as a hobby and I thought it would be cool if I could do it for a living," Smith said.

In my opinion, Paul is a great father! He has always been involved in his sons’ activities and has enjoyed each aspect of their lives. Now a days, when Paul is not working on Moses’ pit crew, he can be found helping Zack with a difficult building code issue.

So this weekend, if you happen by the pit area at Infineon Raceway, stop by the #16 Hasa Pool Products Toyota Camry. If you spot a guy wearing a floppy hat working on the race vehicle; that will be Moses’ and Zachariah’s father. Be sure to give Paul a “Happy Father’s Day” salutation!

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disneyluv said...

You guys are an amazing family. : )