Friday, February 16, 2018

Blaney and Elliott Win the #NASCAR Daytona Duels

Blaney and Elliott Win the #NASCAR Daytona Duels

Earned Their Spot on the Second Row for the Daytona 500 Start

Ryan Blaney emerged victorious in the First #NASCAR Duel Race.
Yesterday, the NASCAR Youth Movement was front and center in the Can-Am Duels at Daytona International Speedway.

Twenty-Four-Year-Old Ryan Blaney emerged victorious in the first event while Twenty-Two Year-Young, Chase Elliott held off the veterans to take the checkered in Duel II.

Blaney’s win places him on the inside of the second row of the Daytona 500 starting lineup. Elliott’s win secures him a starting position on the outside of the second row. 

Ryan Blaney emerged victorious in the First #NASCAR Duel Race.

I thought our car was super-fast all night. I thought all three of our cars were really fast, myself, Brad and Joey. It's a shame the 2 got tore up.

I thought we were able to really control the whole race pretty much. We saw that in the Clash, the 2 was able to control it, Joey was able to control it. I was kind of the middle. We had a set plan to try to work with each other the best we can. I think we do that great as a whole organization.

Nice to know we have some really fast racecars, and can also be aggressive at the same time, race people. We don't have a fast car in a straight line, we can make aggressive moves. Our balance between the two is pretty good right now.

It will change. I would like my car to do a little bit different stuff for Sunday. Tonight I could get a little bit free, Sunday you're just going to be having your hands full a little bit more.

Really happy with the performance of our car. Nice to have a friend at the last restart. That's why I chose the bottom, because he was in third. I figured he'd help me out a good bit.

He did a good job all night, but really happy for our whole team. Can't thank everybody enough from the whole organization for giving us a fast car. - Ryan Blaney

#NASCAR Duel Winner Chase Elliott reported that the cars are a "handful" right now.
We did this last year. We got the big one to go on Sunday. That’s the big thing," Chase Elliott stated level-headedly. "To be honest with you, I was kind of trying a bunch of stuff. This new (aerodynamic) package is a lot different. This package is strange compared to what we had in the past. I think we’re all trying to learn and figure out what the best position is to be in and when you want to be there."

Elliott added that the cars are a "handful" right now. "Sunday with the sunshine, it's going to be interesting to watch," he said. 

#NASCAR Duel Winner Chase Elliott reported that the cars are a "handful" right now.

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