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Don’t Care What You Think, NASCAR Race Mom Will Miss Danica

Don’t Care What You Think, NASCAR Race Mom Will Miss Danica

Dared to Be Different #StrongIsTheNewPretty

Don’t Care What You Think, #NASCAR Race Mom Will Miss Danica

This previous November, Ms. Patrick announce that she would be retiring from full-time on-track competition. Patrick also announced her intention to compete in both the 2018 Daytona 500 and the 2018 Indianapolis 500 – nicknamed the ‘Danica Double.’

“This is definitely the way I want to finish my racing career – at these two iconic races, backed by my iconic, long-time sponsor,” Patrick stated. “GoDaddy was there for me when my career was just really starting so it’s exciting to be getting back in the GoDaddy ‘green’ for my final two races. Our brands have always been powerful together, and I think it’s awesome to have them at my side when I go ‘all in’ with my businesses after racing.”

Last week’s race at the Daytona International Speedway, represented the first half of the ‘Danica Double.’ Unfortunately, her NASCAR career officially ended when she was caught-up in a multi-car crash that began near the front of the field. Patrick, who was racing her No. 7 GoDaddy Green car in the middle of the drafting pack, could not avoid a spinning Chase Elliott.

Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick at #NASCAR Daytona 500Danica was again just in the wrong place at the wrong time – not very remarkable, but the norm. Patrick has never won in NASCAR, leading only 64 laps with just seven top-ten finishes and one pole in just over five full seasons. Her IndyCar stats are not much better.

Needless to say, Danica Patrick’s on-track performance has not impressed. However, while she is not one of my favorite drivers; one must recognize what she has done for the sport of NASCAR.

First off, whether the reason be positive or negative, Danica has exposed NASCAR to millions of new people and potential fans. Danica Patrick’s appeal goes far beyond the traditional NASCAR genre. Some just wanted to boo her as a woman pioneering in a man’s sport. Others looked to her as their role model as they ventured into the male dominated career. No one can deny that Patrick services as an epitome or idol to young ladies interested in motorsports.

Further, Danica Patrick gave great value to her sponsors and business partners. GoDaddy became a multibillion brand on her shoulders. She was a good ambassador of her own brands and the NASCAR brand.

Danica Patrick was caught-up in a multi-car crash at the #NASCAR Daytona 500

Now what NASCAR Race Mom is going to miss the most about not having Danica in NASCAR is the absence of her toughness and determination. Danica showed up every race ready to do her job.

Who can forget the time Patrick and Landon Cassill were displeased with the way they were racing each other for position (in 2012). Unfortunately, by losing her cool and retaliating against Cassill, Patrick also wrecked herself, tearing up her car and knocking herself out of the race.

“At some point I have to stand up for myself so this doesn't happen with other people. I chose today,” Patrick said after learning the hard way that Rule No. 1 in stock-car racing is - Wreck Someone Without Wrecking Yourself.”

Patrick will end her racing career at the Indianapolis 500 this May, where she will drive for Ed Carpenter Racing. She has branched out into several other careers and projects for her life after racing, including her own line of athletic apparel, a self-penned fitness book and ownership of a California vineyard.

Honestly, whether you like Danica or not; NASCAR Race Mom can guarantee you will miss her much more than she will miss you!

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