Monday, August 20, 2018

Kyle Busch Loses His Composure Due to Heckling #NASCAR Fan

Kyle Busch Loses His Composure Due to Heckling #NASCAR Fan

Should NASCAR levy a penalty to Mr. Busch.

UPDATE:  Bristol Motor Speedway issued a statement today in regards to a fan confronting Kyle Busch after Saturday night’s race.
The track stated: “Our security team has investigated a post-race incident where a guest repeatedly confronted Kyle Busch verbally and physically while he was signing autographs for fans. As Busch then prepared to leave in his golf cart, the individual struck the driver across the chest, and at that time, Busch confronted the individual. The two were separated quickly and a uniformed officer pulled the individual to the side, allowing Busch to depart.” A NASCAR spokesperson told NBC Sports that the sanctioning body was aware of the incident and discussed it with police.

The video is grainy and poorly lit (see below); however the altercation is clear. Fans undoubtedly unhappy with Kyle Busch booed him as he was exiting Bristol Motor Speedway. They were probably unhappy that the NASCAR Star had executed a controversial bump on Series Champion, the popular Martin Truex Jr.

However, rather than just continue on his way, as a responsible adult might do . . . . . it would appear that Busch decided to take it upon himself to escalate the already negative situation.

When Busch left his golf cart to confront the heckling fan, the fan shoved Kyle Busch hard. Crews intervened to separate the two.

Not the actions of a professional athlete. With six Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series wins to his credit just this season . . . . it is, in NASCAR Race Moms opinion, such a shame. Additionally, with M&M’s as his biggest sponsor – this negative behavior is not a proper model for all the kids who love him.

Now the only remaining question is: Should NASCAR levy a penalty up Mr. Busch.

In Fairness - Another View of the Altercation.

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Anonymous said...

If Kyle can’t defend himself after a undoubtably drunk man hit him, then I have a problem as a Mom. It’s a shame that drunkerds can behave. No penalty is needed.

Unknown said...

If this mention was hacking Kyle then why didn't the security call for help to remove that person???this was going on for a few minutes so where was the help. ???

Anonymous said...

Do not know who wrote this but obviously not a Kyle fan. We don’t know what that fan said to Kyle he could’ve been something totally derogatory even personal He just had a bad night of racing how do you think he’s going to feel at that moment oh yes he obviously stopped to sign some autographs this guy was drunk he shouldn’t even been in the pit area way too dangerous especially if you’re drunk but we don’t know if he was drunk. Get real. People just want to stir the pot.