Monday, July 4, 2016

Rest In Peace Ronald Casey

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Sportsman Modified Racer

Rest In Peace Ronald Casey - #NASCAR

Sixty-one-year old Ronald Casey was racing lap nine of a scheduled thirty-five lap race at Devil’s Bowl Speedway. Regrettably, his racecar suddenly veered off course through the infield at a high rate of speed. It traveled through the infield grass before making a hard impact with a retaining wall in Turn 2 and coming to rest.

"He came off turn four and you can follow the tracks through the infield. He went between the light poles and impacted the wall over in turn two," said Justin St. Louis, Devils Bowls' Media Director. "You felt helpless because everybody saw it and there was nothing you could do... Mike Bruno, the race director, actually called red flag before the impact because he knew what was coming."

Mr. Casey’s official cause of death has not yet been determined, though it is believed to have been due to a medical problem just prior to the accident. No other people or vehicles were involved in the incident. Rest In Peace Ronald Casey.

Ron Casey was the epitome of the old-school, hard-working Vermonter, and was an impeccable ambassador for grassroots auto racing. His warm, friendly demeanor was a welcome addition to every track at which he competed during his long career. Racing on a shoestring budget, his priority was fun over success and his passion, enthusiasm, and dedication for the sport were obvious. Mr. Casey was the first driver to register to compete when dirt track racing returned to Devil’s Bowl Speedway in September 2014, he was the first driver to arrive at the track’s official car show in Downtown Rutland on a rainy 35-degree morning in May 2016, and he was the first driver in line to enter the pit area on the night that he passed away – just as he was at virtually every race. Devil’s Bowl Speedway Official Statement on the Loss of Driver Ron Casey

Rest In Peace Ronald Casey - #NASCAR

Drivers will be back at the Speedway on Saturday and Sunday for more racing and they will be holding a moment of silence for Casey before the races.

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