Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wonder How Much His Words
Will Cost Martin Truex Jr.

Wonder How Much His Words Will Cost Martin Truex Jr.

Martin Truex Jr. was pretty mad after a questionable pit row call by NASCAR move him from second to twenty-second at  Kentucky Speedway.  On lap 196, both Truex and race leader leader Kevin Harvick came to pit road during a caution.  When Truex dove in front of Harvick, NASCAR penalized him for making an illegal pass on pit road.

Truex Jr. had some unflattering words for NASCAR during his after-race interview.  NASCAR Race Mom can not help but wonder how much those words will hurt Martin in his pocketbook.***

Truex who  insisted that he did nothing different than he, and every other driver does in every race stated, "I feel like I did the same thing guys do every week.  You get to your timing line, you step on the gas, and you head straight toward your pit. Obviously I turned left and came up next to the 4 car  and passed him as I was driving to my pit, which is what guys do every week. I don't know why it was different today. I would think that if they didn't want us to do it any more, they would tell us in the drivers' meeting. But I mean, hell, I've been passed on pit road 15 times this year that same exact way -- and I didn't see guys get penalized. So I guess when you're doing it for a win, it's different circumstances or something." 

What do you think . . . did NASCAR make the right call?

***NASCAR fined Darrell Wallace Jr. $15,000 after the driver criticized NASCAR officials on social media following the XFINITY Series' Subway Firecracker 250 at Daytona International Speedway regarding his displeasure with how his race ended.

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Anonymous said...

NASCAR should set the rules at the beginning of the race not in the middle of the competition. What was different this week than what the drivers have been doing all year (Martin) included .
He should not be fined for asking the question either!!
These fines for speaking out are quite ridiculous ! Does NASCAR need the money that bad??