Monday, July 11, 2016

What Happens To All That Money Collected
By #NASCAR Penalties.

Below a recent NASCAR Race Mom post regarding Martin Truex’s frustration and words regarding a questionable pit road call; a NRM reader posed the question:

“These fines for speaking out are quite ridiculous! Does NASCAR need the money that bad??” 

That posed the interesting question: What does happen to the money collected from #NASCAR penalties?

According to Jayski, as of the start of the 2008 season, all money collected from fines issued to drivers go to NASCAR.  Then NASCAR donates the money to the NASCAR Foundation for its charitable initiatives.

The drivers do NOT get a tax deduction on fines. Before 2008, the money collected from driver/crew member penalties were generally placed into the Drivers Points Fund awarded at the end of the season.

In April, Danica Patrick expressed confusion as to what comments / actions could result in a monetary punishment by the ruling body.#nascar

In April, Danica Patrick expressed confusion as to what comments / actions could result in a monetary punishment by the ruling body.

“It’s very hard to know what you can do or say anymore that’s not going to get you in trouble – depending on the day or time or whatever.” (Patrick was referring to Stewart’s criticism of NASCAR’s Lug Nut rule – which ironically was reverse after Stewart was ordered to pay a $35,000 fine.

Patrick said she felt bad for Stewart and added that NASCAR seems to treat drivers like employees rather than the independent contractors they really are.

“It seems extremely inappropriate to go ahead and follow through with (changes) and require five lug nuts but still maintain a fine for someone who questioned the very topic,” she said.

Patrick herself, has "donated" $70,000 to the NASCAR Foundation in the last eight months. In November, NASCAR fined her $50,000 for retaliating against David Gilliland during a race at Martinsville Speedway. In March, she was fined $20,000 for walking toward Kasey Kahne’s moving car after he wrecked her at Auto Club Speedway.

While Drivers / Teams have the option to appeal their penalties, most do not.

2016 Appeals Panel Members are:

  1. Mark Arute
  2. Christiane Ayotte
  3. Lee Baumgarten
  4. Tim Bennett
  5. Paul Brooks
  6. John Capels
  7. Travis Carter
  8. Ken Clapp
  9. Rick Crawford
  10. Barbara Cromarty
  11. Wally Dallenbach Jr.
  12. Chuck Deery
  13. Robert L. DuPont
  14. Laurel Farrell
  15. Richard Gore
  16. Janet Guthrie
  17. Russell Hackett
  18. David Hall
  19. Jon Hoenig
  20. John Horton
  21. Kelly Housby
  22. Dixon Johnston
  23. Bill Lester
  24. Steve Lewis
  25. Bud Moore
  26. Bill Mullis
  27. Hunter Nickell
  28. Don Panoz
  29. Buddy Parrott
  30. Dale Pinilis
  31. Robert Pressley
  32. Cathy Rice
  33. Shawna Robinson
  34. J. Kirk Russell
  35. Jay Signore
  36. Mike Skinner
  37. Jimmy Smith
  38. Lake Speed
  39. Lyn St. James
  40. Kevin Whitaker
  41. John White
  42. Robert Yates
  43. Steve York
That is an impressive list of knowledgeable race notables.

National Motorsports Final Appeals Officer is Mr. Bryan Moss.

According to the numbers provided by NASCAR, in 158 appeals heard since November 1999:
  • 110 were upheld
  • 34 were reduced
  • 11 were overturned
  • 2 penalties were increased

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