Monday, May 23, 2016

10 Years of Giving! 10 Years of Volunteering! 10 Years of Smiles!

Jim Boreman may be known by some as the NASCAR employee who measures and certifies chassis, ensuring each one meets the standard required to race in the Xfinity and Sprint Cup Series. But what many people may not know is that Jim has been volunteering with The NASCAR Foundation and Victory Junction for going on 10 years.

Jim, along with fellow The NASCAR Foundation Employee Ambassador Krysten Hoversen, Manager Sponsorship Research, joined the Foundation team on a trip to Victory Junction in Randleman, NC. The NASCAR Foundation continues its 10 Years of Giving Tour by sponsoring the Speediatrics Family Weekend at camp which included sponsoring 32 campers and their families for a weekend of fun - which Jim and Krysten experienced first-hand.

As Jim made his way through camp, he was greeted by smiles and high-fives from the many people he has made friends with over the past 10 years. Jim even ran into Andrew, who was in Jim's cabin the very first year he volunteered. Andrew, who was a camper back then, now stands as tall as Jim and is now giving back his time as a counselor just like Jim has for all these years.

When Jim talks about camp and all of the experiences he has been a part of, his smile gets really big, and you can hear in his voice the genuine affection he has for camp. "It's all about giving back and making people smile," Jim said. "That's why I keep volunteering."

Jim took his love for camp even further by running one year in the Run to Victory Half Marathon where he raised $3,250, accomplishing his goals of finishing the race and more importantly sending a kid to summer camp. Jim's efforts truly represent what The NASCAR Foundation is all about -- with over 10 years giving back in our racing communities.

Since 2006, The NASCAR Foundation has given more than 1,600 children the life changing experience of attending summer camp. Children can overcome boundaries and limitations with smiles all around as the order of the day through this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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