Monday, May 2, 2016

Make Mother’s Day #NASCAR Fast

Faster and more fun than a bouquet of Flowers

Make Mother’s Day #NASCAR Fast - L.A. Racing

With Mother's Day just around the corner, L.A. Racing would like to celebrate Moms, their friends and family by offering a chance to experience stock car driving up close and (very) personally!

Make Mother’s Day #NASCAR Fast - L.A. RacingAfter an informative "ground school" guests each get the experience of climbing in to the race car through the window, belting in with a 5-point competition safety harness and firing up an authentic 450-horsepower Stock Car for their high-speed driving adventure.

As your session begins your spotter will guide you onto the big oval via your in-helmet radio with last minute instructions. As the track lights go green and the green flag waves you're off and running for 20 blistering laps on Irwindale Speedway's nationally famous progressively-banked NASCAR half-mile oval.

Make Mother’s Day #NASCAR Fast - L.A. RacingJust like the pros, you'll be wearing a 2 layer nomex race suit, helmet with head sock and racing gloves ... You'll experience bursts of speed down the straightaways and rolling through the banked corners feeling the g-force pushing you back into your race seat. And then, your spotter's voice comes through your in-helmet radio guiding and coaching you through your session including when, where, and how to pass other cars on track as you speed along.

You'll be pushed back into your seat as you blast through your 20-lap session around the "LA's Half-Mile Super Speedway", barely able hold back a huge grin as you feel your driving skill level increase lap after lap.

Now for the best part of all: you and a friend (who might or might not be your MOM) can share this all-time exciting experience for the amazing price of $150.00 for both of you or $3.75 per lap! The price is normally $798 for 2 race passes. ... Got a foursome or big group? Hey, bring them all! We put 4 cars on track at one time and class capacity is 24 drivers. Buy 4 or more passes and get free tickets for one of our upcoming Saturday night professional NASCAR races. The price for a single pass is $99.00. We'll see YOU (and Mom?) at the Speedway!

Call L.A. Racing at: (877) LA-RACING or (626) 358-7432
during business hours and use the code word: "MOM"


Make Mother’s Day #NASCAR Fast - L.A. Racing

This Offer Is A Special Experience Price That Commemorates Mother's Day 2016: But The Racing Experience Drive Does Not Have To Be Taken On Mother's Day

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If you do not live in SoCal, check with the track near you. 

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