Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Martin Truex Jr. - Better Driver Than Bowler

NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr, made a promotional stop in Shawnee, Kansas,
to bowl with Kansas Speedway president Pat Warren, at the Park Lanes
Family Center and talk about the upcoming Go Bowling 400 Sprint Cup race.

NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. admits he isn’t the best bowler in the world, but on April 27th,  he tested his bowling skills with Kansas Speedway President Patrick Warren ahead of next week’s Go Bowling 400 at Kansas Speedway.

“I’m a terrible bowler. The last time I bowled, I had like a 90-something. This should be interesting,” said Truex before stepping up to the bowling lanes at Park Lanes in Shawnee, Kan. “When I get a strike, I’m going to have [the cameras] play it on repeat.”

Truex, who drives for Denver-based Furniture Row Racing, looks at Kansas Speedway as his race team’s home track.

“It’s cool for me because it’s been such a good track over the years [for me],” said Truex, who has had some great races at Kansas Speedway, but has yet to visit victory lane at the track. “I feel like I should have a few wins. Not just one, but a few wins at Kansas Speedway, and I look forward to going there this year and getting it done.

“For some reason, I run well here. Even in years when we didn’t have the best cars or we weren’t consistently running that well, we could always go to Kansas and run with it. Certain drivers have tracks like that. It’s hard to explain or put your finger on it but because of that, I look forward to [Kansas Speedway] every year.”

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