Friday, June 17, 2016

Father's Day - Richard Petty Motorsports
Richard Petty (The King)

Welcome to the Richard Petty Motorsports blog! Here at Richard Petty Motorsports we want to bring you, the fans, into our world: the world of racing. We will follow the royal family of NASCAR, the most historical team and its members, and bring you insights no one else can!

After a long weekend in the Irish Hills of Michigan, the Richard Petty Motorsports team is preparing for some time spent away from the track. Although the NASCAR XFINITY Series will be racing in Iowa this weekend, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will resume action next week at Sonoma Raceway in California. What’s the reason for this time off? To celebrate fathers, uncles, and grandfathers all across the nation.

Richard Petty 

We caught up to three of Richard “The King” Petty’s four children this week to find out what they think of their father, and what it was like growing up with an American Icon as a parent.

Richard Petty’s youngest daughter, Rebecca (Petty) Moffitt serves as the Executive Director for the Petty Family Foundation. 

“When people ask me what it’s like to have Richard Petty as a father, I tell them I have nothing to compare it to,” says, Rebecca. “He’s the best dad ever!”

Sharon (Petty) Farlow helped her sister, Rebecca, open the Petty Museum in its earliest stages. After her retirement from teaching, she rejoined the Petty Museum family in 2015 and now helps to organize and display her family’s history. 

“It’s great to have someone to look up to and admire,” says Sharon. “There are not many heroes left in the world today. It’s awesome to call my hero and the person that I look up to and admire, ‘Daddy’!”

Only one of Petty’s children decided to take after their father and make a career of racing. Kyle Petty, the oldest of the Petty children, is now announcing on NBC Sports during NASCAR Sprint Cup and XFINITY Series races. 

“Growing up, my dad was always my hero,” says Kyle. “I still look up to him and always will!”

Sunday, June 15, 1980 was a special day for Petty’s children. At Michigan International Speedway, all four of Petty’s children served as the Grand Marshals for that weekend’s racing festivities. 

“We were all feeling a million emotions but were excited, nervous and proud,” says Sharon. “We knew it was a special day!” Not many children have served as Grand Marshals in NASCAR’s top series.

Video of the Petty Sisters talking about their brother Kyle's Charity Ride:

Photos and Video from @KPCharityRide twitter account

Hats off to you, fathers! All of Richard Petty Motorsports,  thank you for all of your love and support over the years. From useless knowledge to the most serious of life lessons, we’ve picked it all up from you and wouldn’t have it any other way; Happy Father’s Day! Source: RPM Motorsports

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