Saturday, June 4, 2016

It’s been a Rough Month - Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#nascar)

"We are not running bad. We took off at the start of the year, had some second-place finishes, thought we were right on the verge of winning and we struggled this month. It's been a rough month, but I think we can turn it around here."

Dale Jr.’s May Sprint Cup Finishes have not been spectacular.

Date Track Start Finish
05/01/16 Talladega 3 40
05/07/16 Kansas 22 15
05/15/16 Dover  2 32
05/29/16 Coca-Cola 600 25 14

However, a relaxed Dale Jr. explained it straightforwardly

"No, I'm not feeling any anxiety, at 41 years old you kind of get over that stuff, I'm not going to worry about it," Earnhardt said on a foggy Friday at Pocono Raceway. "I spent the first 18 years worrying myself to death. I think we are a good enough team to make it whether we get a win or not we are a good enough team. That is not a guarantee, I just feel confident that we will get in. A win would be what we expect, not just to lock ourselves in the Chase, we just expect to win."

NASCAR's Most Popular Driver added honestly: "I have been racing in this series a long time and I have been asked that question dozens and dozens of times like where do you need to improve, no matter what team I was racing for, no matter what year is was. Even if you knew you wouldn't tell," Earnhardt said. "I mean you can't say, 'them guys in the body shop they need to get going' -- you are not going to throw anybody under the bus. The majority of the time you don't know. The majority of the time there is no way to really put your finger on the exact area where you are getting beat."

In each of the past two seasons Earnhardt had already recorded a win and secured his position in NASCAR's Chase by this point.

"I can see us sort of in that situation where we are looking across the garage," Earnhardt said. "Every team has enough smart people on it and if they figure out how somebody is making their mousetrap so well they will take it home and do it and make it even better. They will take those ideas that are great and improve on them and then bring it to the track and outrun that guy. That is just the nature of the sport. I'm not too worries about where we are right now.

What do you think? Can Dale Earnhardt Jr. turn his season around at Pocono? He swept Pocono in 2014.

2014-Dale Earnhardt Jr. overtakes Brad Keselowski for Pocono win.

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