Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pocono Raceway Insider Tips (#nascar)

Fourteen Insider Secrets

  1. Remember, unlike any other track, Pocono only has 3 turns.
  2. You can bring your own 12″ X 12″ cooler full of all refreshments, no glass please.
  3. Pocono has the longest front-stretch in Motorsports.
  4. Pocono is family-owned and operated.
  5. Pocono is the largest solar-powered sports facility in the WORLD.
  6. FREE track tours are available April – October.
  7. The London Broil sandwich is suuuupppper good.
  8. You’ll be thankful for “Long John”.
  9. Drivers visit the “Tricky Triangle Club”.
  10. Kids 12 and under are FREE on Friday and Saturday.
  11. A “Tweet-up” is really kinda fun. Follow us @poconoraceway.
  12. Select Sunday Grandstand seats are 50% off for Kids 12 and under.
  13. “Tricky’s Kit Kamp” is a great meeting place for families.
  14. A herd of sheep cuts the grass in our Solar Farm.

Six Tips for New Fans

  1. Plan to arrive early. There is tons of stuff happening on race day. So, get here to take it all in.
  2. Look out for the six-foot, red-headed fox in the fire suit. He’s our Mascot Tricky, and is usually in the heart of the action.
  3. Definitely consider a Pit/Paddock pass. This will get you as close to the cars and drivers as possible.
  4. Don’t be shy; ask questions. We are here to help!
  5. Pick a driver, any driver…even if you don’t know anything about them, it’s more fun if you are pulling for someone to win.
  6. Consider renting a “Scanner”. You won’t believe what you hear over the radio.

Three Ways to Save

  1. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter – we regularly announce deals and specials through Social Media.
  2. Take a good look at our “Tricky Triangle Club”….some say this is the best deal in town.
  3. Come to a race instead of a football game. Have you seen the price of our tickets compared to theirs?

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